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Our award-winning services include:

  1. BulletDesign, set-up and maintenance of personalized profile pages on all the popular Web 2.0 “social networking” sites, including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Tumblr, Flickr, and more*

  2. BulletDaily updates to your pages with smart, “hip” musings and status quotes, so you can focus on your real life, like paying bills, enjoying movies, playing with the kids, drinking heavily at work, and not having sex.

  3. BulletYou give us all your personal info -- your darkest secrets, weirdest fantasies, frequent medications, favorite foods, bitterest resentments, embarrassing musical tastes, sexual hang-ups, and so on -- and we do the rest. No logging in, no passwords to remember, and best of all, no actual personality to worry about. Don’t have a personality? No problem. We can make one up for you

  4. BulletMonthly reports of all account activity -- funny messages, revealing pictures, and so on -- printed out and mailed straight to your home via the trusty ol’ post office, because you hate your damn computer and can’t remember your AOL login and don’t even get you started on those fucking cell phones

  5. BulletBFF Tracker™ - A cumulative tally of exactly how many so-called “friends” you now have, updated weekly**

  6. BulletAsswipe Filtering™ – Block assorted jerky guys from seeing all those blurrycute pictures of your seven cats

  7. BulletSkank Monitor™ -- Like Asswipe Filtering, but in reverse. Invites hot, skanky chicks to see super-sexy pics of you flexing in a mirror

  8. BulletHopeful Hookup Detection™ – Our proprietary algorithm scans all your incoming messages for suggestive keywords and flirty behavior, on the remote chance that you might actually get laid sometime in the near future, but of course you probably won’t because you’re too terrified to follow up and/or appear naked in front of another human

  9. BulletEx-Lover SlutMaker™: A special add-on service, where we casually befriend your ex lover or spouse, and then start dropping nasty hints and posting ugly rumors about what a true bastard/bitch he/she really is, not to mention his/her secret obsession with bestiality and German fetish porn***

  10. BulletAnd lots more!

*Porn sites extra

**Not real friends, of course. But it might feel that way, which is sort of the whole point

***Not applicable in Texas and Utah, where these activities are common

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Because you don’t have time for this shit.

Overwhelmed by the Web 2.0 social-networking revolution? Intimidated by all that newfangled whiz-bang technology? Convinced the government is tracking your every keystroke? Too busy to give a damn about any of it, but still have a vague sense you might be missing something good?

You’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to Geekamania, your full-service, Web 2.0 personality enhancer™. For a small monthly fee, we do the social networking for you, so you can feel remotely relevant and even slightly connected to the sexy youth culture of today, without lifting a finger, remembering a single login, or buying some of those ridiculous $200 jeans. It couldn’t be simpler!

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